I sing to connect with my soul and the souls of others.”



Since 2009, Rachel has been writing her own songs for her original characters, singing telegrams, weddings, circus shows, and simply for the love of it. 


Whether it be performing originals or covers, solo or with other musicians, for a corporate event or at an intimate house concert, as a character or as herself, Rachel lives to be on stage singing her heart out!

Original Song

created with videos from dear friends

Jazz Styled Cover

performed with Great Family Reunion Jazz Quartet

Original Songs

All of these tracks are demos, but I am so excited to be seeking out all the ways to get these babies out in the world in a bigger way! I feel like I'm finally ready, so stay tuned and enjoy these tracks for the time being :)


Custom Wedding Song

written with Eric Tingstad, guitar

Midnight Sun Jazz Duo Reel

with Solomon Chapman, piano