The only life worth living is the one you are passionate about.”


Rachel Taulbee is singer/songwriter, character actress, and visual artist living in Denver, CO. With a degree in music education, a certification as a holistic life coach, and 13 years experience as a full time entertainer, Rachel uses her creative gifts to embody the essence of whatever song, character, or role she is performing and communicate it authentically to her audience. Her performances are connective and inspiring.  

Rachel has created original music and characters for Planet Bluegrass, Daybreaker, the Clocktower Cabaret, Tennessee Soybean Festival, Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, and the Secret Circus Society.  She has performed all over the world as a singer on cruise ships, entertained in the homes of thousands of children in the Denver community as a princess, rocked the world of many as a singing telegram deliverer, and made the wedding receptions of beautiful couples a little more special as a wedding band singer. 

Rachel is also a deeply introspective person and makes sure to carve out the time to transmute her experiences and the unweaving of her social conditioning into songs, mixed media art, fashion, and characters. You’ll be able to find her unique artistry on all streaming platforms one day soon.