Whether I'm making an appearance at your party, delivering a singing telegram, or creating a custom song for your loved one, I'd love to bring some magic to your special occasion.”

Singing Telegrams: Virtual and Distanced

With COVID-19 shaking up things in our world right now, we all will be spending more time at home. Perhaps some you care about could use a little love for a birthday, an anniversary, wishes to get well soon, or just because you're thinking about them! I can help you with a virtual singing telegram! Sweet, classy, weird, I got you covered! If you are in the Denver area, we can do one socially distanced!  Book here

Featured Original Songs

Need a laugh? Here you go! This one will also get you thinking about all the work we need to do to take care of our planet. I like to slip a good PSA into a silly good time! Enjoy!

I am honored to share the gift that is this video in celebration of the last day of Women’s History Month. It includes the faces of women I love dearly from every corner of my life over a song downloaded directly from my heart. During this time of crisis and social distancing in our world, I am astounded by the beauty that has come from it and how close I feel to so many people because of it. This video is a testament to that, the incredible things that can happen when the bottom drops out and we are forced to really examine our lives and what is important. What is important to me is connected deeply and authentically to other human beings. I love that this song gave me a way to do that. I hope you enjoy it!

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