1. Orion


Music and Lyrics by Rachel Taulbee

The sun was rising when he left
My bed still warm from where he slept.
His smell still on my pillowcase
My arms still warm from his embrace

Verse 2
The sun is setting with a blaze
I see him smiling through the haze
The night escorts him to my door
He leaves his belt there on the floor

The moon shines to guide his way
Here with Orion is were I wanna stay

The gods must think I'm crazy
To make a lover of a man they made out of stars
but I won't let that faze me
I know the love that we have, and even when it's hard
I will be strong while we're apart.

Verse 3
Seasons come and seasons go.
Some bring flowers, others snow
And some will bring my love to me.
Some take him just as easily.

The moon shines to guide his way,
Here with Orion is where I wanna stay.


I know what I got myself into,
And I knew it from the start.
Who am I to keep him from the night sky?
I want him to shine so bright!
It's what you do, it's just what you do when you give your heart.

Verse 4
If I were a spool of thread,
I'd tie myself in pearls instead
and string myself across the sky
and lay there till I catch his eye.

The moon shines to guide my way,
Here with Orion is where I'm gonna stay
Here with Orion x 4