Whether I'm making an appearance at your party, delivering a singing telegram, or creating a custom song for your loved one, I'd love to bring some magic to your special occasion.”

I'm honored and humbled to have been interviewed about my artistry by ShoutOut Colorado. A big thank you to my dear friend Sarah Mount for recommending me! 

I'm grateful to have the opportunity to not only share a piece of my story, but to honor many of the amazing people who inspire me and helped me get to where I am today, as well as my favorite parts of living here in Denver. I would greatly appreciate you taking a moment to read these words from my heart.

Featured Original Songs

This song speaks to so many things for me, the patriarchy, religion, whiteness, heteronormativity, the stories I’ve been told about who and what I am. I’m doing my best to sit with the darkness that lives in me, learn the lessons it has to teach me, and peel out that which is not mine and never was. The work is hard, and oh so worth it. This song has been steeping in me for a long time.  It feels good to finally have it out.

Singing Telegrams: Virtual and Distanced

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