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  1. No Time For Love


No Time For Love
Music and Lyrics by Rachel Taulbee

Verse 1:
I know just how the story goes,
Starry eyes, butterflies, cherry picked prose,
Nothing’s as good as it is when we’re together.

Cause where’s the trouble in a bubble called paradise,
With a bucket of champagne and daydreams on ice?
If I take enough, pictures we can stay forever.

Fast forward to my solo ride on the airplane,
Only my bags at the baggage claim,
It seems it’s always the same thing
So I learned how to say…

Oh no, not me, I won’t do this again.
Why can’t you see we’d be better as friends?
Stop being so nice, making my poor heart think twice.
I’ve had enough. I ain’t got no time for love, no….

Verse 2:
I know just how your story goes
Flash a smile, strut your style from your head to your toes.
You got all the right lines that a good man would

I see you trying to break down my wall
I’ve got bricks piled ten feet tall
And all of your sweet talk ain’t gonna do you no good.

You wanna throw a dart in my heart
but I’m a moving target baby
I’m gonna end this before it starts.
Do you hear me when I say...


I know that this can’t last.
You say you know how.
Well you better stop that right now!
It’s all moving too fast,
Still, you make me want to fall…no, no, no, no!