Rachel Taulbee is a singer/ songwriter currently living in Denver, CO. After four years of adventure as a top 40 band singer for the Yachts of Seabourn and Holland America Line, Rachel re-embraced land life and a new career path. She was recently certified as a holistic life coach and now spends much of her time working with people to unlock their passion for life. This shift has definitely influenced her musically. Rachel's new vision in her writing is to create songs that allow herself and others to feel what they feel. She also desires to create lyrics that are empowering and manifest the positive not only in her life, but in the lives of others. Her newest song, "Nothing to Lose" is a perfect example of this. Rachel recently started working for Wands and Wishes Occasions, a fantastic local business that has provided her the opportunity to dress as a various princess characters and entertain at little girls birthday parties! She also has started collaborating with several Denver musicians. Needless to say, Rachel is living the good life in Colorado!! 

 I recently got to do a live streaming recording with Sandy Colfax out at Evergroove Studio! Such a great night! Here's a song I wrote with Sandy Colfax , "High Tide." . You can see more of our videos from that night here
Here's a yummy recording I did with Stephen Thurston a while back. Such a great song, I hope you enjoy it! You can hear more of our recordings here.

I am so happy to be a Character Actress for Wands and Wishes Occasions! Click the photo to check out the website, or book a party! I'd love to bring joy to your little one's special day!


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